Compositional variations in smectites Part II ResearchGate

Smectites are closely associated with opal CT and their composition ranges from beidellite to Their chemistry is dominated by negative relationships between

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Clay Mineralogy

kaolinite 1 Silicate Clays b Smectite 2 1 Weathering product Always negative due to isomorphous substitution Layers weakly held together by weak O O

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Montmorillonite Wikipedia

Montmorillonite is a very soft phyllosilicate group of minerals that form when they precipitate The substitution of lower valence cations in such instances leaves the nearby oxygen atoms with a net negative charge that can attract cations

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change in layer charge of smectites and smectite layers in illite

investigated for smectites and smectite layers of illite smectite interstratified minerals US by X ray the expandable layers with high negative charge do not

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Smectite structure of a 2 1 clay mineral showing two tetrahedral

The cationic clay minerals cationic CM possess a negative charge and are widespread in nature e g smectite The anionic clay minerals or layered double

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